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Designing a proper lab facility is NOT merely about installing benches, it is the qualified 'A to Z' knowledge that matters the most !!!

Our expertise

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Our expertise : Review for pre and post laboratory design
We provide high quality consulting for pre and post laboratory design review, in which we strongly reject the theory of 'one design fits all' concept in high performance laboratories design. Every laboratory is unique in the sense of standards compliant and requirements, thus every single technical requirement must be incorporated during the early conceptual stage of design. For example, most laboratories consist of 'wet labs' which involve high usage of chemical solutions or biological materials. Therefore, it is important to ensure that wet labs are equipped with chemical fume hoods and/or Biosafety Cabinets (BSCs), benches with knee holes, washing sinks, full range of piped services such as deionized (DI) or reverse osmosis (RO) water, vents, compressed air, safety showers, eyewash, local area network (LAN), proper lighting, power and accommodation for pathologic waste. Sounds simple? Are these all? Definitely not !! You may wish it is just this simple. If you need to know more on proper lab design or having a guess if you are working in a proper and safe laboratory? Contact us.

Our expertise : Gap Analysis
Yup, your laboratories are built and there is nothing much you can do to change the physical layouts and worst still, you have been informed that the designs are not complied to the necessary standard requirements. Shifting labs?!! Wait, allow us to conduct a thorough gap analysis before you jump off the ship. One common mistake we found was ordinary building contractors often overlooked the important needs for development of a functional adjacency plan when planning for associated lab spaces. It is therefore imperative to emphasize that laboratories are not the same as common buildings, associated lab spaces are essential to every lab operations including shared spaces such as samples storage area, wet and dry storage, general instrumentation rooms, utility distributions areas, controlled access, and other necessary operational areas. We truly understand your grievances, but there is always a solution to every problem. Our philosophy is simple, if we can't change the physical structures, we change your processes ! Contact us now to find out how this could be done.

Our expertise : Lab design
Lab design is a combination of both art and science; flexibility, expandability, sustainability, safety and utility capacity factors must be considered throughout the process. Lab spaces and all necessary utility services must be flexible and adaptable to support ever changing research requirements. All laboratories must have the capability in providing necessary utility services for all research applications including the ability to accommodate future changes in research SOPs. Expandability is important by incorporating sufficient reserve capacity into the primary utility systems as to accommodate future expansion of resources. Last but not least, all high performance laboratories must be designed to sustain the optimum performance by minimizing impacts from both external and internal aspects including environmental changes, human resource and aging of equipment whilst at the same optimizing building efficiency; and most importantly ensuring health and safety all the time. Wanted to know more? Contact us.

Our expertise : Lab construction
As mentioned earlier, building a laboratory is never the same as building a common working place. There are many criteria and factors to be considered in designing and building high performance laboratories. Interested to get some hints on the standard requirements in building laboratories? Please click on each icon to get more details.

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